In order to provide patient's with information about this service a link to NHS choices website has been added below. Here patients can read about what the service is and what is involved. As patients may find it confusing, there is also a link to an information leaflet and Frequently asked questions which may be helpful and hopefully provide more clarity about this service. service

Patient information leaflet - 'How information about you helps us to provide better care'

Frequently asked questions for patients



More information has recently been released about

Every household in England is receiving the leaflet 'Better information means better care' during January.  The leaflet helps raise awareness amongst patients about how their information is used for purposes beyond their direct care, including for the programme .
Patient Information Line


The national patient information line went live on 6th January.  The five most common questions have been:

  1.        Can I change my mind?  (FAQ 12)
    2.        I can’t get to my practice to object, what should I do? ( FAQ 10 )
    3.         How long have I got to decide if I want to object? ( FAQ 11 )
    4.         What is the secure environment mentioned in the leaflet? (FAQ 13)
    5.         Do I have to do anything if I want my information to be used?  ( FAQ 17 )
    If you have any questions, you can contact the national patient information line (0300 456 3531) or refer to the patient FAQ's.   Accessible formats including Braille, audio and large print are available from the patient information line.  In addition, large print and audio formats are available from the patient website .


An animation has been launched to support raising awareness. The main aims of the animation are (a) to explain the programme and (b) to remind patients that they have a choice (subtitles are available).


Summary Care Record

There may still be some confusion about the differences between the Summary Care Record and the use of data for purposes beyond direct care.  For details, see FAQ 14.  


As it stands at the moment, the default position for all patients is that Personal Confidential Data will leave the practice where there is a legal basis (under the powers of the HSCA or a Section 251 approval)


If after reading the information, you decide that you would like to opt-out of the service, please collect and complete an opt-out form from the surgery. Alternatively you can download the form below, print it off and return it to the surgery.

Opt-out form

If you decide to opt-out and then change your mind and want to reverse your objection, you can do so by completing the opt-in form at the surgery or alternatively you can download the form below, complete it and return it to the surgery so your decision can be recorded in your record.

Opt-in form

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