We are aware that patients aged 80+ are receiving letters from NHS inviting them to go for a Covid vaccination at the new mass vaccination centre in St Helen’s.

We weren’t aware these letters were being sent out, but it is a good thing that extra capacity is being made available.

The St Helens centre is being run entirely separately from the GP clinics and we have no visibility of their clinic dates nor the process for booking in - other than patients are asked to call 119. 

If patients are able to get to St. Helens and they are offering appointments before we can, then they are free to do so, but it’s important to note that nobody will have to travel that far if they don’t want to.

If patients do decide to travel to St. Helens then they do not need to call the surgery to tell us. Your GP record is updated automatically within approx 24 hours so that we are aware that you have been vaccinated. Although this is possibly confusing for patients ( and general practice staff also ) it is overwhelmingly a good thing that more vaccination capacity is coming on stream.

We will do our best to keep on publishing information when we can to make sure patients know how to get their vaccination.

It is important though that people don’t call their GP surgeries as the staff are dealing with extremely high volumes of calls as well as going out to staff the centre at Southport Health and Wellbeing centre on Houghton street during clinic days.

Thanks to all our patients for continuing to be so supportive of our endeavours when we know that everyone is so keen to get their vaccination as soon as they can.