The NHS are providing detailed information explaining what Coronavirus is and what steps you should take if you suspect you have symptoms.  In addition, GOV.UK also have information for the public.  Please click on the links below to access their websites for the latest updates. 


NHS information and advice


GOV.UK information and advice


BMJ (British Medical Journal) information and advice


Sefton Local Medical Committee guidance note for patients on returning to work, "shielding" from COVID-19 infection and isolating with symptoms


Additionally, if you require a self-isolation certificate for your employer to cover your sickness absence from work as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak please download it by clicking on the link below.


COVID-19 patient isolation certificate


COVID-19 and your information - Supplementary Privacy Notice - April 2020


We have updated our Privacy Notice during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Please read our main Privacy Notice together with the Supplementary Privacy Notice - this will detail how your information is used at this time.  Please go to our GDPR Privacy Policy.